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Hello hello! We spent our weekend in north of Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital. We arrived Friday night very late and had some problems with the hotel so they took us to another hotel with a horrible little room, dust everywhere, no windows, no sheets and insects… we decided to have some beers on the street so we could sleep better and then we lay down both of us in the middle of the beed with all our clothes on and hoodies, now we laugh about it!

On Saturday, we started our day with a big unhealthy breakfast, i eat fruits all day so i deserved a big fat breakkie ;). And walked by the lake and visited the old pagodas!

Last night we flew back to Ho Chi Minh city, delayed plane as usual so we arrived at 02:30 am and i started bootcamp at 06.30 am this morning…i was a total zombie this morning but i had a lot of fun training with my friends!

I have a lot to show you, so more posts will be up soon!



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Hello hello!

I love to wear a lot of jewelry and specially watches, i consider it like wearing another big nice bracelet ;) The watches i use the most of the time is Daniel Wellington watches, i like the way that i can change the band of the watch and style it with what i’m wearing every day! One of my favs for summer is the Camel band <3

Now you can get 15% discount on your purchase, you just have to write the codeANGIE15” when your paying on their website ;)



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Hello! We travelled to Hoi An last weekend and WOW, loved all of it! Small town with very old houses full of cosy lights hanging everywhere, huge rice fields and amazing beaches… i have to go back soon!

I will make a big post with many photos and info about Hoi An soon! But here you have some of when we spent our afternoon walking through the rice fields <3



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Leather jacket-UTERQUE / Dress-THE COMPANY AMITY / Watch-KAPTEN&SON / Sunnies-RAY BAN

Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend. We stayed here in HCMC this weekend, spent Saturday doing some errands in the city, finally bought me a new phone with vietnamese number, checked out some stores i read about, we had the best chili prawns ever…even if i got chili in my eye i couldn’t stop crying for an hour! It’s very nice to have our motorbike and it feels so free to move around without getting taxis or grab (uber).

Then on Saturday night we went out with a friend, we started with mexican dinner and then a drink (that drink was the biggest vodka-redbull i’ve ever seen…and for 2 euros) at a old lady’s little bar/kitchen haha , after that we went to a disco called “Apocalypse now”, amazing big place full with vietnamese people dancing around and i loved the music!

On Sunday we chilled at our swimming pool and i started to feel a bit ill, though it was hangover (even if i had one drink… maybe because it cost 2 euros haha) but it wasn’t, i still ill with fever and i have a cold, hate Air conditions…

Now i’m working from home and hope to get better! We are flying to Kuala Lumpur on Friday!! It’s going to be so much fun, i’ve been there before with my family and loved it but Pablo hasn’t been there!



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Xin chao!

Last weekend we flew over to Phu Quoc island, it took 1 hour from HCMC, Phu Quoc is a small paradise island under Cambodia.

There were no tourists at all, it’s low season here now so it’s perfect for us to travel around and just be with vietnamese people haha. We stayed in a Bungalow in front of the beach in Long Beach, very very nice even if the toilet/shower was outside surrounded by almost a jungle, so there were so many Geekos and frogs, first day we were like OMG but we got used to it! We also had so many Geeko friends on our terrace haha

We rented a motobike for 2 days and went all over the island, first day we went to the south, i heard about a beach called Sao Beach, on our way we went to see some waterfalls (without water… i really wanted to swim there. After the rain season, there will be more water) but it was like a huge jungle so it was nice to see! Then on our way to Sao Beach it started to rain like crazy, big thunders and lightnings, so we stopped by a strangers house full of chickens running all over the house, but the family was so nice to let us stay there and gave us some drinks!

After the storm, a big sun came out so we could finally enjoy the beautiful Sao Beach the rest of the day!

Aah… on our way home we tried to find the coconut tree prision… but we got totally lost in the middle of nowhere with the motorbike stuck in the mud! I couldn’t stop laughing while Pablo was so angry haha

The next day, we went to the north of the island, it took us almost 2 hours to get there because same thing happened… rain and storm so we had to stop by a petrol station with 2 vietnamese ladies sleeping on the floor! When the sun came out, we arrived to another empty beach, it was nice to see and to have lunch there but it was a bit dirty!

We will go back there in a few month just to dive, we missed that!



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Good morning! Woops, photobomb from Mekong Delta! Last week we did a day trip to My Tho!

We started with 2 hours bus ride from HCMC, during the bus trip we passed by amazing rice fields and small villages, was very interesting to see how the local people live like.

We also saw hundreds of graves on the rice fields… i asked and they told us that the people who have been born and worked on their rice fields their whole life, when they die, it’s tradition to put their graves there, and the family put food on the right side of the grave every day because that means they will go to a nice place and rebirth. They also paint the grave every new year because that means luck.

After 2 hours we stopped to visit some temples, so beautiful! People praying and thousands of incenses everywhere. Then we took another bus for 10 minutes to Mekong river, one of the longest rivers in Asia. There we took a boat over to a small island where only a few locals live.

We taste some of the fruits they have there and listen to 2 ladies singing their traditional music, then we walked trough the island and arrived to a small river where we took a small long tail boat through all the palm trees, that was amazing and that was one of the things i really wanted to do for a long time!

After the boat trip we tasted some tea with a looot of honey that they make by themselves and visited a mini coconut candy factory! Delicious!

And to end, we took a horse ride to a place where we had some type of fish… don’t know what it was but it was so yummy!!

Long amazing day! Incredible to see the authentic vietnamese local people how happy they live on their islands and villages.

Now i have to move on to do some errands, we are flying to Phu Quoc tomorrow! Wihuu!!

xx, A!


Hello!! I’ve been a bit lost these last month busy with different things in my life, projects i will tell you about soon and i also did a big change… i moved to Vietnam! haha Maybe some of you already know because i upload a lot on my Instagram (@angiesmemoires), my boyfriend got a job as an architect in Ho chi minh city for at least one year, so me thought: why not? We will take this year to travel around a bit in Asia and take it like an experience!

So we packed our stuff and left, everything went very quick and we have been running around doing paper works, medical vaccines, visa, etc etc etc. But we made it!

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Bye bye Europe!!We did Palma-Frankfurt-Ho chi minh city.

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Quite far from home…

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Super comfy plane, we had 3 seats for just two of us so we laid down watching movies the whole trip.

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Ok… i laid down haha <3

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Arriving to HCMC, our first impression was a bit…hmm, ok, big city, here we are going to stay for a year…

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Vietnam Airlines, i recommend it!

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We left the bags at the hotel and went out to discover the city!

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Now we have been here for 2 weeks and love it! We both are discovering new things every day and laughing about all the crazy people and things they do if you compares to Europe.

The first week we stayed at a hotel while we were searching for apartments, we asked for some appointments with agencies when we were in Spain, so we knew where to start. Then we have been calling around and visiting many apartments but we liked the first one. So we moved in a few days later!


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Pearl blazer from H&M BALMAIN collection / shoes from Nelly / Pants from Zara / old t-shirt

Hi weekend! Hope you enjoyed your christmas days :) I’ve been sick since yesterday, i think too much food haha or a flu…(please not). Tonight i have our special girls christmas dinner and really looking forward to it, i’ve been sleeping almost the whole day so hope i will feel better tonight!

However, i could enjoy my last day with my sisterlove yesterday, i took her to the airport this morning and she went back to Berlin :( so sad! Love to have her here!!! But i’m going to Berlin soon, so that’s great! :) <3

Have a lovely weekend!!!

Hola finde! Espero que hayais disfrutado de estos dias de navidad :) Yo he estado mala desde ayer, creo que demasiada comida haha o gripe… (espero que no). Esta noche tenemos nuestra cena navidena especial de chicas y realmente tengo muchas ganas de ir, me he pasado el dia durmiendo asi que espero encontrarme mejor esta noche y poder ir!

Sin embargo, ayer pude disfrutar del ultimo dia con mi hermana, la he llevado al aeropuerto esta manana y ya ha vuelto a Berlin :( lo odio! Me encanta tenerla aqui!!! Pero pronto ire a Berlin, asi que eso esta genial! :) <3

Que tengais un super finde!!!


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Merry Christmas everyone!!! Actually for us Christmas was yesterday, but was too busy to make a post wishing you a merry merry christmas :) I had a amazing time with my family, a lot of swedish food, too much chocolate, traditional Donald Duck movie at 3 o’clock (same episode since 1958 haha), movie time and incredible presents!!! I got some fav perfumes, sport clothes, super professional kitchen knives from Switzerland (that i’m scared of haha), delicious pink Champange, amaaazing jewelry from different designers and at last but not least… a girl trip to Amsterdam with sisterlove and mommy!!! Wohoo <3

Today we are just going to relax, watch movies and eat chocolate :) Me and my sister just left my mom at the airport… she’s travelling to South Africa, so i’m going to enjoy this last day with my sister <3

Have fun!!!! xxx

Feliz navidad!!! Para nosotros, los suecos, solo celebramos navidad ayer, pero estaba demasiado ocupada para meterme y hacer un post de navidad haha El dia de ayer estuvo genial, todo el dia disfrutando de mi familia, con mucha comida sueca, demasiado chocolate, la tradicion de ver el Pato Donald a las 3 de la tarde (el mismo episodio desde 1958 haha nos lo sabemos de memoria), viendo pelis y regalos geniales!!! Me han regalado perfumes (mi preferido Chloe sin duda),ropa de deporte, cuchillos profesionales de Suiza (a los que tengo miedo haha), Champange rosa, joyas increibles de distintas disenadoras y por ultimo… un viaje a Amsterdam con mi hermana y madre!!! Wohoo <3

Hoy solamente vamos a ver pelis y comer maaas chocolate :) Acabamos de dejar a mi madre en el aeropuerto, se va a Sud Africa un mes, asi que voy a disfrutar de mi ultimo dia con mi hermana <3

Que disfruteis mucho de este dia!!!xxx